Full EdgeCross-X Portable Gym System
Full EdgeCross-X Portable Gym System

Full EdgeCross-X Portable Gym System

US competition. Enter to Win Full EdgeCross-X Portable Gym System Contest November 2018 on BroGiveaway.
The EdgeCross-X is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. An aggressively powerful, total body resistance exercise system utilizing a mix of balancing, strength, and core control called OFF BALANCE LEVERAGE TRAINING, in under 10 minutes, you’ll receive an incredible full body workout that will SHRED YOU TO THE CORE!

When you enter and win, you will receive the Full EdgeCross-X Training System, which includes:

1 EdgeCross-X telescoping bar
1 pair of adjustable handles
1 pair of Intermediate level end pieces.
1 pair of Advanced Level end pieces.
1 EdgeCross-X balance wheel​
1 pair of wrist straps with rings
1 pair of foot straps with rings
1 waist belt with rings
3 pairs of fabric covered resistance bands (20lb, 25lb and 30lb)
3 rubber resistance bands light, med. and heavy
1 pair of wrist wraps
1 EdgeCross-X carrying bag

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November 30, 2018

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